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What a difference 30 years can make!

I remember the day so clearly, still. We were all lined up in the school cafeteria, walking into this reserved area that had hanging black cloth for privacy - and I refused to go. My teacher pleaded, sweetly. I refused. I refused again and again, until my mother was called down to the school. She pleaded with me just the same. "They are only going to take your picture. Then you can go home."

Somehow, I cracked. They led me into the photo area. My face was a mixture of "you mean nothing to me" and "I hate this." My mom and teacher both did their best to think of something - ANYTHING - that would make me smile. Eventually, the time was up and the professionals snapped the mug shot I had been waiting for them to take. They released me.

It's funny how I have been brought back to photography. And not surprisingly, my favorite style is portraits - especially candid ones. Even the ones that are staged can have a bit of candor and that's the spice of life. That's what unearths the beauty of each moment.


Martin Svec

That's what I seek to reveal: the simple beauty in each passing moment, which often lies between fixed poses and unblinking eyes.

May we all continue to discover it, again and again.

Black  Point  Chico